Steve Axford wants to document the lives of the platypus living in his creek. But he knows it's not going to be easy. Join him for a morning stalking session and meet one of the weirdest animals on the planet. This video was made for ABC Open's "Day in the life" project ... ... and is a collaboration between ABC Open North Coast Producer, Catherine Marciniak, and Steve Axford. The music is by Kevin McCloud - "Covert Affair", "Fast Talkin", "I knew a guy" and "Sweeter Vermouth" and has a creative commons license.

Blicks River in flood from the Blicks River Bridge, Dundurrabin, Australia. The force of the water is amazing... The river can change from a gentle stream to a raging torrent overnight.

Too precious to plunder. This video postcard captures the many moods of our home in Dundurrabin on the Blicks River. The background music is "Inspiration" by Podington Bear.

Video of a platypus swimming and diving by Tony Bojkovski - Blicks River, Dorrigo Plateau, NSW, Australia. An intimate look at this unique creature.

We love the Glossy Black Cockatoos that munch on our casuarina trees in Dundurrabin. Such a privilege to see them as they're quite timid.