On-line Petition now available:

Check out our on-line Petition to the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament here. Sign it yourself, share it on Facebook, by email and on Twitter. We can make a difference.

Download our Petition to the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament

If you prefer to sign a printed Petition, click here to download and print our petition to the Legislative Council to Ban all Gold Mining and other Toxic Mineral Mining in all water catchments of the Northern Rivers and Mid North Coast of NSW. Once you have the signatures then mail the petition to our Post Office address on the form. Many thanks.

Our roadside sign with the BRG mascot - The Platypus, currently known as "Blicksy" 

Roadside Signs

Another way to help would be to attach a sign to your roadside gate or fence.  "Water More Precious than Gold" signs are available to buy at

  • Mountain Metal Art, Dorrigo
  • Clarence Environment Centre in South Grafton.



Bumper Stickers

Be Creative

If you can think of a way you can help let us know. Comment on our blog or the Facebook page or fill in the Contact form below. If you want to be added to our email list just let us know. We won't do this unless you make a clear request. If you love this area too and just want to share your experiences it would be a joy to hear them.

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