Before the 1980s no one had heard of the Franklin River but thanks to a dedicated group of people the whole world got to know what was about to happen to that amazing area in Tasmania. 

The damming of the Franklin was stopped and the developers sent packing and now it is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. 

No-one has heard of the Blicks River or the Guardians but we'd like to get the message out. The Blicks River and the other tributaries of the Clarence River arising in the Dorrigo Plateau have an amazing eco system full of wildlife, fauna, flora and water ways.

Just like so many places in NSW, (and the world for that matter) where mining is inappropriate, this land needs the support of people who value the land, not for gold or other minerals but for its natural beauty, support for native wildlife, sustainable agricultural use and especially as a continued heritage for future generations of living creatures, our children and grandchildren included.  

There is so much more that could be said about wildlife corridors, tourism and so many other sustainable ways to respect this land. Look at our Gallery pages to see the assets of this area, including water, "More Precious than Gold".