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Blicks River Guardians is a community group dedicated to protecting the environment around the Blicks River in northern NSW, Australia. The Blicks River flows into the Clarence River via the Nymboida River. Our group is made up of local landholders and other residents. Some of us have been here all our lives and others have come more recently. See "Who we are" in the menu to read about how the group was formed and to see maps of our area.

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All our members are concerned about mining Exploration Licenses over our land, river and creeks and have watched these license areas increase in size and activity this year.

We value our clean, beautiful river, the water it provides and the unique flora and fauna in this area. We want to protect this environment so that it can be enjoyed by our children, grandchildren and many generations to come. We love our area and want to ensure that it is not lost to mining.

Maps can be viewed on this site - click on this link:  Maps